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Life @ DoubleCloud As The HR & Brand Marketing Manager

Hi, my name’s Tania and I’m the HR Brand Manager here at DoubleCloud. After a fast and furious onboarding, I was up and running, responsible for promoting and showcasing the amazing culture that drives us forward as an organization!

Hi, my name’s Tania and I’m the HR Brand Manager here at DoubleCloud.

I’ve been here for about four months now and after a fast and furious onboarding I was up and running, responsible for promoting and showcasing the amazing culture that drives us forward as an organization!

Before DoubleCloud I worked for a few companies you may have heard of in various marketing roles… TikTok, Yandex, Ericsson and Chanel to name a few but when I saw the opportunity at DoubleCloud I got really excited as I love building processes out of nothing; building something from scratch and of course, trying new things!

Joining DoubleCloud as a start‑up has really given me that opportunity and more.

There’s always a new, creative challenge to tackle which I love, really testing my marketing abilities and the fact that the team stretches internationally from the USA, through Europe, right over to Israel means there’s always something or someone new to learn from… I truly love it!

It’s not all about work though!

Outside of DoubleCloud I’m a huge dog lover and I’m hopelessly addicted to fashion… I love bright and sparkling things!

I’m also a huge DIYer and normally have half a dozen crafty projects on the go at any one time.

Something I think that would surprise a lot of my colleagues (although maybe not after reading this) is that originally I never intended to be a marketer.

I always thought I’d be a hairstylist.

I’ve been practicing creative haircuts and different hair colourings on all my friends and family since I was twelve years old and still enjoy it today as a hobby.

To finish this off, the marketing team thought it’d be fun if they asked me if I was organizing a dinner party and could invite any three famous people (dead or alive) who I would invite and why.

After thinking about it I decided on… Brad Pitt because… well just because😉

I think I’d also like to invite Nicola Tesla. I find the man fascinating! He was one of the first futurists, predicting future technologies. He also was driven to shape the future with his own two hands… simply put he was a man born to change the world.

Finally, I think I’d round it off with an ancient Greek philosopher… any ancient Greek philosopher would do though. I’ve always wanted to talk to one, ask them how they arrived at their theories which became the foundations of modern day science.

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