Life @ DoubleCloud As Our Performance Marketing Manager

Hi, my name’s Olga and I’m responsible for all of DoubleCloud’s performance and digital marketing. I’ve been with DC for nearly six months and can definitely say that it’s been an inspiring and unique experience to build something up from scratch.

Hi, my name’s Olga and I’m responsible for all of DoubleCloud’s performance and digital marketing.

I’ve been with DoubleCloud for nearly six months now and can definitely say that it’s been an inspiring and unique experience to build something up from scratch, launching our first advertising campaigns, A‑B testing hypothesis’, and creating a digital marketing strategy we can be proud of.

I’ve worked in digital marketing for about six years now and have been lucky enough to gain a wide range of experiences, from launching and promoting mobile apps to telecommunication products and various other B2B and B2C offerings, normally for very large, corporate organizations.

DoubleCloud is the first start‑up I’ve worked for and I have to say, so far I’m loving it!

I love anything to do with analytics, data, numbers and having to find non‑standard solutions for tricky problems, so a company creating data solutions was a perfect fit for me.

What I love most about DoubleCloud is that I have the freedom to make the final decision in our digital marketing campaigns (getting to that point is, of course, a team effort though). With that freedom however, particularly in a start‑up, is the knowledge that the number of people seeing our product and signing up for a trial is based on the actions I take every day.

To live up to that, very much in line with our start‑up mentality, I strive to constantly learn, more and more every month, and I’m currently trying to master the role of analyst, hoping these skills will aid me in my current role.

Something that might surprise some of my colleagues is that, outside of work, I like to be able to switch my brain off so I tend to enjoy more physical activities when I want to relax and let off some steam.

I’m a keen skateboarder (and have the bruises to prove it) and love hiking in nature.

To round this article about me off, the marketing team asked me if I was organizing a dinner party and could invite any three famous people (dead or alive) who I would invite and why, however… I’m really not a big fan of celebrities as I believe that in each interlocutor there is a unique value that should be seen and ‘celebrity’ shouldn’t define that.

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