Build an end-to-end data analytics in 30 minutes with DoubleCloud

Start building your data analytics with DoubleCloud credits.
Use cost-efficient managed open-source technologies.
And benefit from our expertise to be efficient in your data management.
$5000 in credits will offset DoubleCloud services and charges.
For early-stage startups.

Why join the DoubleCloud startup program?

We know how hard it is to build a startup. We want to help you go to market faster, and save costs while you are achieving a product-market fit.
We’ll give you $5000 in credits to be used within a year — on the basis that production workloads are uploaded in the first three months.
Benefit from our support… or talk to our solution architects any time to get help in optimizing your data architecture or building your queries.
Enjoy co-marketing opportunities: we can write about you, and integrate you into the events we are doing, or into a bigger marketing campaign.
Work closely with our product team to get the features that you need in building your data analytics.
Participate in our exclusive Data workshops to learn best practices from the community.
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Set up and run your new modern data analytics in less than 30 minutes:

  1. Create the fastest Data Warehouse based on the Managed ClickHouse® in under 5 minutes.
  2. Connect or replicate your data sources using an easy-to-go DoubleCloud Transfer service with 20+ connectors.
  3. Build your charming analytics with DoubleCloud Visualization.

Are you eligible for a program?

You are a startup and you need data analytics
For example, you are a game developer, a logistics app, a cool marketing service, or a new e-commerce platform. Or something else.
Your project is at least at the MVP stage
You are at the pre-seed, seed, or Series A stage of funding.
You are ready to get started quickly
We are an AWS partner. Start building after receiving your DoubleCloud credits.

Is This Offer For Me?

Can you answer yes to any or all of these questions?

  • Are you looking to scale but don’t want to commit resources to managing analytics?
  • Are you using (or hoping to use) ClickHouse® but are worried it’s too complicated to configure or manage in production?
  • Do you want to achieve sub-second latency?
  • Would you like to optimize your ELK / Redshift / PostgreSQL / other data warehousing solution to reduce costs and increase performance?

Claim $5,000 In Credits To Help Better Manage Your Data By Partnering With DoubleCloud

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