Create a connection to a CSV file

    Follow these steps to create a connection to CSV:

    1. Select Visualization from the list of services on the left.

    2. Select your workbook or click Create workbook to make a new one.

    3. Click CreateConnection in the upper-right corner of your workbook page.

    4. Select File.

    5. Configure the connection parameters:

      1. In the left section, click Upload files to add CSV files that will later make up a dataset. You can upload no more than 10 files per connection, and the size of each file shouldn't exceed 200 MB.


      1. In the right section, specify the following settings for each file uploaded:

        • Encoding

        • Separator

        • Toggle Yes if your table has a Columns header

      2. Take a look at the preview section. It contains the header row and data rows. The service automatically defines column data types and displays them in the header row.

    6. Click Create connection in the upper-right corner of the page.

    7. Name your connection.

    8. Click Create.