Manage connections

You can create and manage connections between your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and outside networks.


Currently, only connections to AWS networks are supported.

Create a connection


You can't change the connection parameters after you create it.

Perform the following steps to create a peer connection:

  1. Go to the VPC service page in console.

  2. On the Connections tab, click Create connection.

  3. Specify the AWS account ID you want to connect to. You can find this numeric ID in the AWS console in the drop-down menu with your account information on the top panel on the right.

  4. Specify the AWS VPC ID. In the AWS console, find your VPC and copy it's ID. It looks as follows: vpc-xxxxxx.

  5. Provide your AWS IPv4 CIDR. You can also add an AWS IPv6 CIDR if you have this range.

  6. Select your VPC Region and a zone within this region.

  7. Select your DoubleCloud Network to peer with.

  8. Click Create connection.

After you have created a connection, enable it on the AWS side.

Confirm peering on the AWS side

  1. Open the AWS console.

  2. Go to the AWS VPC service page .

  3. Select the region within which you want to create a peering connection.

  4. Go to the Virtual private cloudPeering connections section in the menu on the left:


  5. Select your VPC peering connection and choose ActionsAccept Request.

  6. In the confirmation dialog, choose Yes, Accept.

At this point, you have successfully peered your AWS and DoubleCloud networks. However, to allow traffic to stream from one network to another, you need to additionally configure VPC on the AWS side.


When you connect to a cluster via a peering connection from VPC, you need to use a private address instead of the normally used public address.

To obtain a cluster's private connection string, go to the cluster overview page. Under Connection strings, switch to the Private tab:

connection strings tabs

You can also connect to a certain host on your cluster. The structures of a cluster and a host connection string differ as follows:

  • Public address:

    rw.<cluster id>
    # or 
    <host name>.<cluster id>
  • Private address:

    rw.<cluster id>
    # or 
    <host name>.<cluster id>

Delete a connection

  1. Go to the VPC service page in console.

  2. Switch to the Connections tab and select a connection to delete.

  3. Click and select Delete.

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