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DoubleCloud’s platform helps you build sub-second data analytical solutions and pipelines on proven open-source technologies like ClickHouse® and Apache Kafka® in less than 5 minutes.

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Build sub-second analytics based on open-source technologies.
Why: Other vendor solutions aren’t open-source and are too costly. Solution: migrate to Managed Clickhouse which is extremely fast and efficient for scenarios like clickstream, IoT, and observability (logs, metrics, traces).
Migrate from on-prem or public cloud providers to DoubleCloud ClickHouse based on AWS
Why: setting up a new cluster of on-prem ClickHouse takes days for real production use and requires constant support, monitoring and back ups. Solution: migrate to Managed ClickHouse or migrate dev scenarios to Managed ClickHouse. Save on admin tasks and accelerate development.
Migrate from ElasticSearch to Managed ClickHouse
Why: ELK is expensive to scale and becomes slow on large volumes of data. Solution: migrate to Managed ClickHouse to decrease costs and increase speed of analytics. Uber case-study.
Complement PostgreSQL or MySQL (or other row-based databases like Oracle, MSSQL, Amazon RDS, etc.) for analytical scenarios
Why: With more volumes of transactional data row-based DBMS gets slow and inefficient for analytical scenarios. Solution: with help of DoubleCloud Transfer offload analytical workloads to Managed ClickHouse and achieve sub-second speed for your analytics.
Build Data Mart and complement Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery. Optimize costs of these solutions
Why: data-heavy streaming analytics is too costly and slow to be a front-facing data source for your dashboards. Solution: complement your architecture with Managed ClickHouse that helps address ad-hoc requests for streaming analytics. Use DoubleCloud Visualization to instantly see insights from Managed ClickHouse.

What Is DoubleCloud?

DoubleCloud is a platform to build sub-second analytics with managed open-source technologies.
DoubleCloud is hosted on AWS and can also work inside your AWS account.
Our managed service takes care of daily backups, security, patching, monitoring, configuring sharding, replicas, and load balancing.

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