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Build data analytics infrastructure in one day

Save time & costs by streamlining data pipelines with zero-maintenance open-source solutions. From ingestion to visualization: all integrated, fully managed and highly reliable, so your engineers will love working with data ðŸ’š

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Get everything you need to develop analytics solutions

You choose whether to use any of DoubleCloud’s managed open-source services or leverage the full power of the platform, including data storage, orchestration, ELT, and real-time visualization.

Open-source services

We provide the leading open-source services like ClickHouse, Kafka, and Airflow, with deployment on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.

Data integration engine

Our no-code ELT tool allows real-time data syncing between systems: fast, serverless, and seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure.

Real-time visualization

With our managed open-source Data Visualization you can simply visualize your data in real-time by building charts and dashboards.

Save time and resources with fully managed services

We’ve designed our platform to make the day-to-day life of engineers more convenient. We will take care of all the routine maintenance, including software updates, sharding, backups, auto-scaling and more, while you can focus on product development.

OS and software updates

Monitoring & logs

Backups & recovery


High availability & self-healing

Hybrid storage

Enjoy the exceptional performance and high speed

We started building our platform with the world’s first managed service for ClickHouse — the fastest OLAP database that queries billions of rows in milliseconds. From the beginning, we have been committed to adding capabilities on top of open-source ClickHouse to improve performance and create truly fast services for our valued customers.

ClickHouse is the fastest database for real-time analytics, with performance up to 100x faster than leading DMBS.

Our Data Transfer service ensures data transmission speed 9x faster than Airbyte.

Designed for engineers, by engineers

Delivering an exceptional developer experience is our top priority, so we constantly implement new features to make our platform more user-friendly.

Automated deployment using Terraform or API

Metrics export via Prometheus endpoint

Logs integration

Web-based SQL IDE

Built-in data transformations and modelling using dbt

Rely on security at all levels

We prioritize the security of your data by design through enforced TLS 1.2+ encryption, dedicated VMs for software delivery, and automatic security updates. Our platform is fully compliant with key industry standards like ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR. Learn more

ISO 27001





Leverage the truly cost-effective platform

We offer the most competitive prices for managed open-source services, along with a range of opportunities for cost optimization.

Pay-as-you-go for services with no hidden costs

Retain your cloud pricing and discounts with BYOC

Save up to 5x more disk space with S3 hybrid storage

Take advantage of a variety of free services (auto-backups, cross-AZ, ingress and egress traffic)

One platform, various use cases

Real-time sports analytics
Learn how LSports improved their query speed 180Ñ… with DoubleCloud
Implementing DoubleCloud and ClickHouse revolutionized our data handling, turning lengthy processes into efficient, real-time operations essential for sports data analytics.
Nizan Rosh
Software Architect, LSports
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