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DoubleCloud’s 1st product update

Hi! It’s Victor — Head of Product, DoubleCloud.

It’s been a month since we moved to the General Availability stage. For the last month, we added and improved a lot of things based on feedback from customers:

  1. DoubleCloud Transfer now could load data externally to PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka®, and others.

  2. We added support ClickHouse® version 22.7 changelog.

  3. We added AWS VPC Peering for all AWS regions.

  4. We fully support ClickHouse over S3 or hybrid storage at DoubleCloud. We see scenarios where customers reduced their storage costs by 5x times after starting using hybrid storage and storing old data automatically in S3 and fusing it with the speed of SSD. Storage price, in that case, is the same as AWS S3 = $0.024 per 1Gb per month.

  5. We are opening preview access to BYOA (bring your own account). In that mode, you can deploy clusters in your own AWS account. All data and computation will happen in your account, and DoubleCloud will still fully manage it: backups, monitoring, patching, load balancing etc. Just send a request to access via email to hello@double.cloud or respond directly to me victor@double.cloud.

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