DoubleCloud’s 2nd product update

Hi everyone, Victor Kiselev here, Head of product for DoubleCloud.

I hope you’re all enjoying the platform and benefitting from our open-source approach. As you know, we’re pretty pleased with what we’ve built but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever rest on our laurels. We’re always adding new features, new benefits and improving the platforms performance.

This month I’m pleased to announce:

  1. We’ve added five new regions on AWS where you can now also deploy your ClickHouse® or Apache Kafka instances in: a.ap-northeast-2 Asia Pacific (Seoul)b.ap-northeast-3 Asia Pacific (Osaka) Canada (Central) Europe (Stockholm) Europe (Paris)

  2. We’ve added ClickHouse® ver 22.8 LTS. As always there are a lot of performance improvements there and some new features like DELETE FROM, changelog. Kudos to ClickHouse® team for another great release.

  3. We now also support Apache Kafka® ver 3.1 on DoubleCloud. You can find a full changelog for version 3.1 here.

  4. We’ve added Monitoring dashboards for Apache Kafka. Now you can see insights about your topics, replicas and messages throughput in the DoubleCloud console.

  1. DoubleCloud Visualization also had some awesome features added in the last month: the ability to create hierarchy on chart and add drilldowns, create split and combined charts, multi layers maps, clustering points on maps.


  1. Apache Kafka® service now represents a single FQDN address on DoubleCloud, that will simplify connection strings for large clusters with many hosts.

  2. For easy access to private and public connection strings, we’ve added that information on the cluster overview screen. Private connection strings are necessary when you want to connect to your cluster through VPC peering.

  3. You can now regenerate admin passwords from the UI for ClickHouse® and Apache Kafka®.

  4. We’ve added a few quite useful guides to documentation that would be useful for people who are interested to integrate dbt with clickhouse and establish VPC peering with your AWS account and DoubleCloud.

  5. Updated Airbyte S3 connector which we are using in DoubleCloud Transfer service to a new version, and now we also formats: Avro, JsonL;b.compression: is a full list of changes.

If you’ve any problems though or would like to talk through something specific you’re trying to accomplish, please reach out.

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