Life @ DoubleCloud As A Recruitment Lead

December 2, 2022
5 mins to read

Hi, my name’s Girts and I’m the Recruitment Lead here at DoubleCloud.

I started with DoubleCloud back in March ’22, and I was one of the first joiners to this awesome, new start-up.
Since then it’s been one fast-paced, exciting creative journey, giving me the opportunity to constantly learn and shape DoubleCloud’s recruitment process to my vision.

Pre DoubleCloud, I have a bit of a varied background. I have spent some time on tennis courts, playing college tennis and coaching tennis, studying law in Munich, and political science in the US.
Finally, six years ago I started a career in the Recruiting space. Since then I‘ve worked for SMEs (recruiting agencies) and large organizations (Korn Ferry, Google).

Working in recruitment, you can imagine I see a lot of interesting companies advertising attractive jobs but DoubleCloud really stood out for me. It struck me as a great opportunity. Working with a diverse group of true professionals, building up an international team from scratch (How to sell a no-name start up?), being creative in how we recruit (How to build a great candidate experience?), and being able to see the direct impact of what I’m doing on a daily basis (We’ve doubled our size in four months, now having 60 people on board!).
I have really enjoyed the last eight months, just a collection of exciting experiences. I will reflect on them in a series of blog posts on Medium very soon. Follow me on LinkedIn if you are interested!

As any DoubleClouder will tell you, it’s not all about work!
When I’m not at work, I love (and need) a huge amount of variety. That can mean learning new things (playing Ukulele), traveling to new places (Beirut, last week), trying new restaurants and cuisines (Lebanese, obviously), listening to new music (Return of the Dream Canteen, RHCP), attending cultural events (Schaubühne Berlin this weekend), or meeting new people (hit me up).
I like to keep busy and those are just a few of the things that keep me entertained!

Finally, to round this article off, our marketing team asked me who I’d be hosting for a dinner party. Famous people, dead or alive, who would it be and why:

  1. Arthur Ashe, the first and only black tennis player ever to win the singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open.

  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s rare for a person to be that successful in so many different domains (sports, film and entertainment, politics, business) on a global scale.

  3. Börte Üjin, simply because she’s from a totally different era and environment, being Empress of the largest contiguous empire in history.