DoubleCloud’s 9th product update

Hey everyone, Victor here. Here’s the news I’ve got for this month:

DoubleCloud is now on AWS Marketplace

To enhance the usability of DoubleCloud for our clients on the AWS platform, we’ve integrated it with the AWS Marketplace as a SaaS application. You can now add a DoubleCloud subscription directly from your AWS Console, and we’ll automatically link it to your account.

This means you can now utilise and pay for DoubleCloud services through your existing contract with AWS, eliminating the need to navigate the procurement process in your company. Plus, you will receive unified invoices from the AWS Marketplace for all your subscriptions, simplifying your accounting.

Dedicated ClickHouse Keeper hosts

We have introduced the ability to set up ClickHouse Keeper hosts on dedicated virtual machines. Now, when creating a cluster, you have the option to choose between embedded and dedicated Keeper configurations. You can even establish ClickHouse on an x86 architecture instance while having the Keeper on an ARM-based configuration to reduce costs.

This setup could be advantageous in several scenarios:

  • Firstly, it can be beneficial when dealing with a high ingestion workload. In such cases, ClickHouse conducts numerous replications through Keeper nodes, which require significant resources from disks, network, and compute. To mitigate the additional impact of ClickHouse and Keeper processes on each other, it’s preferable to isolate them on dedicated nodes.

  • Another scenario would be when high availability configuration is necessary with at least three nodes, but there isn’t a need for significant computational and disk resources from ClickHouse. In such instances, you could create a ClickHouse cluster with two large nodes costing, say, $1500 each, and three small dedicated Keeper nodes adding another $230 to the cost. This arrangement effectively saves you money: instead of paying an additional $1500 for a third ClickHouse node, you only pay $230. As a result, you secure a highly available configuration and save $1270.

For more detailed information on Keeper nodes and their configuration, please refer to our documentation here.

Prometheus metrics integration with authentication

While we provide built-in monitoring for each of our services via the DoubleCloud console, we recognize that many users prefer to obtain metrics in their own observability service. To accommodate this, we’ve added an integration feature to fetch metrics in Prometheus format with basic authentication. Each service — whether it’s ClickHouse, Apache Kafka, or Transfer service — now has the capability to provide these real-time metrics. Simply copy and paste the configuration for your Prometheus service to integrate DoubleCloud metrics seamlessly into your own environment, more details are here.

Apache Kafka REST proxy

When building solutions that need to ingest a high volume of requests and messages via HTTP, such as web events, clicks, etc., an extra layer or HTTP proxy is required to route these messages to Apache Kafka. Commonly, this is achieved through API gateways or AWS Lambda, but these solutions require additional work for building and managing them. To streamline this process, we have added REST proxy endpoints functionality to each Kafka node. You can activate this feature during creation or modify existing clusters to include it. Simply check the box in the advanced settings, and we will manage the REST for you.

This is one of the building blocks that facilitates the construction of solutions such as analytics for web, mobile, and gaming applications which we see our customers developing using our services on DoubleCloud.

Support of ClickHouse ver 23.6

We added ClickHouse version 23.6. Besides the huge list of improvements and changes, we noted that ClickHouse has an interesting new feature: Redis as a Table engine. You can now read and write to a Redis cluster directly from ClickHouse without the need to pipe data through your application.

DoubleCloud quality of life improvements

Here are some small but important changes that may improve your experience on our platform:

  • A new way to register on DoubleCloud using custom emails

  • Ability to change the shapes of lines and dots in Linear diagrams

  • Indicator charts now support different colour pallets for customization

  • Added sub-totals for columns in pivot tables

  • Simplification for export/save data from the charts

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