About Us

How it all started

We created the first managed ClickHouse service back in 2018, which currently has more than 500 customers.

Since 2021, we have been working with more than 100 companies helping them crunch data. These companies used a variety of tools like ClickHouse, BigQuery, Redshift, MySQL, Postgres, and Kafka.

With this experience we have decided to create a data platform to help any business build an end-to-end modern data stack and sub-second data analytics with fully managed open-source technologies like Clickhouse, Kafka, etc.

This would free up data engineers to focus on what they love doing. They will no longer need to spend time on tasks related to scaling, updates, installations, deploying additional software, and other tasks surrouding open-source technologies.

DoubleCloud today

  • DoubleCloud is incorporated in the USA (Delaware) and Germany (Berlin).
  • We are a distributed and remote team with our business and development hubs present in seven locations across USA, Germany, UK, France and Israel.
  • Our engineers are major contributors to leading open-source technologies like ClickHouse, PostgreSQL, Odyssey, WAL-G, and more.
  • We currently have over 50 people in our team, and continue to grow!

Join us:

We are looking for great engineers, solution architects, business development and marketing individuals. Find out more here.