Enhance MongoDB data handling with ClickHouse's real-time analytics

MongoDB efficiently stores large volumes of unstructured data and is suitable for rapid development, but requires continuous attention to query optimization and storage space management.

Using MongoDB for real-time data analysis, however, adds more complications: creating replicas to manage big queries, spending time optimizing indexes for these queries. Our solution is to add ClickHouse to the mix — the world’s fastest database, capable of handling large volumes of queries.

Why is ClickHouse the right choice for real-time analytics?

ClickHouse is a column-oriented, scalable, high-performance OLAP database that can handle even the most demanding queries.

Designed for efficiency, ClickHouse can handle large-scale data tasks up to 70 times more effectively than MongoDB. This superior performance is due to several key features and capabilities, including:

  • SQL support
  • Superior data compression
  • Parallel and distributed processing
  • JOIN operations support
  • Vectorized query execution
  • Merging tables

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Combine MongoDB with the DoubleCloud platform to unlock higher performance

Sync data with a highly reliable ELT tool

Our serverless ELT data service transfers data between your MongoDB and ClickHouse in real time.

Process data using Managed ClickHouse

An OLAP database field-proven by companies like Uber and eBay, capable of querying billions of rows in milliseconds.

Gain insights with our free Data Visualization service

Build charts and dashboards to visualize and present your data with our open-source tool.

Why choose Managed Service for ClickHouse by DoubleCloud?

Comprehensive support and monitoring

Rely on expert support and 24/7 service monitoring. We offer a 99.99% SLA, ensuring your cloud environment runs optimally at all times.

Bring your own cloud (BYOС)

Deploy ClickHouse in your own cloud account (AWS or GCP). Keep control of your data without having to manage clusters and infrastructure.

Compliance and security

Our platform is equipped with logging, and high-level security verified by SOC2, PCI DSS, and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications.

Want to get started, without the hassle?

Take a step toward more efficient data analytics infrastructure.

  • We can help set up a data pipeline between your MongoDB and the DoubleCloud platform.

  • Our solution architects take care of every detail, allowing you to stay focused on your business.