Organizations in DoubleCloud

An organization is the control center for managing your projects, billing, users and identity federations within DoubleCloud.

From the organization interface, you can do this and more:

Organization overview

All organizations have three identifiers:

  • ID - a unique identifier for the organization. It's automatically assigned and read-only.

  • Name - is the editable identifier for the organization.

  • Created is the UTC date and time (in the DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM format) when the organization was created. It's read-only.

The organization information page also has the Organization size field which displays the number of organization members.

Organization owner

The creator of a DoubleCloud account has the owner role in their organization. It allows you to create, manage and delete projects as well as perform any operations with their resources.

This user can assign owners to projects within the organization and revoke the ownership from organization members.

This user is responsible for ownership of all the projects within their organization, and is the contact in recovery cases.

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