Quotas and limits in Managed Service for ClickHouse®

DoubleCloud Managed Service for ClickHouse® has the following limitation types:

  • Quotas are organizational restrictions. You can send a request to our Technical support to change the quotas.

  • Limits are technical conditions due to DoubleCloud architectural features. You can't change the limits.


Trial period notice

The following quotas apply to each project during the free Trial period. These restrictions also apply to all Full version accounts during the DoubleCloud Public Preview.

Quota description Value
Number of clusters per project 2
Total number of processor cores for all the database hosts per project 8
Total RAM capacity for all the databases per project 384 GB
Total storage capacity for all the clusters per project 4 TB

You can increase the above quotas by submitting a request to our Technical support.


Limit description Min. value Max. value
Resource preset s1-c2-m4 s1-c96-m384
CPU cores per host 2 96
Memory per host 4 GB 384 GB
Hosts per shard 1 7
Disk size per host 32 GB 8 TB
Shard count 1 50

Areas and regions

DoubleCloud hosts its Managed ClickHouse® clusters in multiple locations worldwide. These locations are grouped into Areas which contain one or more Regions:

  • Areas are groups of Regions by geographical proximity. Choose areas that are more relevant to your needs. For example, if the majority of your customers are from the US, it's a good idea to host your clusters in the North America area.

  • Regions are separate geographical sites within the Areas. Choosing the region closest to your location will ensure the best possible latency, fault tolerance, and stability.

You can create a Managed ClickHouse® cluster in the following Areas and regions:

Asia pacific

Region location Region code
Tokyo ap-northeast-1
Seoul ap-northwest-2
Osaka ap-northwest-3
Mumbai ap-south-1
Singapore ap-southeast-1
Sydney ap-southeast-2


Region location Region code
Frankfurt eu-central-1
Stockholm eu-north-1
Ireland eu-west-1
London eu-west-2
Paris eu-west-3

North America

Region location Region code
Canada (Central) ca-central-1
N. Virginia us-east-1
Ohio us-east-2
Oregon us-west-2

South America

Region location Region code
São Paulo sa-east-1