Quotas and limits in Visualization

The following limitations apply to the DoubleCloud Visualization service:

  • Limits are technical conditions due to DoubleCloud architectural features. You can't change the limits.


Limit description Value
Maximum number of rows of persisted data per dataset 100 000 000
Maximum number of fields per dataset 1 200
Maximum number of tables in one dataset 32


If you exceed any of the above limits, you won't be able to save your dataset. You also can't add to your dataset a data source that tops the above limits.

Data limits for charts

Every chart has a limit for the number of data lines it can display.

To display a chart, the service queries the selected dataset. If the number of lines in the return query is higher than the limit, Visualization won't display the chart. In this case, adjust the number of lines in the return query. For example, you can apply filtration to your dataset or select a different chart type.

Chart type Value
Line chart 75 000 rows
Area chart 75 000 rows
Stacked area chart 75 000 rows
Column chart 75 000 rows
Normalized column chart 75 000 rows
Bar chart 75 000 rows
Normalized bar chart 75 000 rows
Scatter chart 75 000 rows
Pie chart 1 000 rows
Donut chart 1 000 rows
Tree chart 1 000 rows
Table 100 000 rows
Pivot table 100 000 cells
Pivot table 800 columns
Point map 40 000 rows
Polyline map 40 000 rows
Polygon map 40 000 rows
Heat map 40 000 rows