Authorize a new user in a federation

Permissions required to complete the steps below

To complete the steps described in this article, you need to be designated as an organization owner.

User authorization procedure depends on the Automatically create users setting for the federation to which you want to invite users.

  1. Go to the console.

  2. In the upper-left corner of the page, click your organization name → Manage organizations.

  3. Select Members from the panel on the left, select the Federations tab and click the name of the federation you want to manage.

  4. On the Federation overview page, find the Link to federation login field and click Copy.

  5. Send the copied link to users. Upon the first login, their accounts will be created automatically.

    The new users will become members of the organization to which this user federation belongs.

Follow the instructions in the Issue an invitation to a DoubleCloud organization article.

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