Billing account

Billing account contains your credentials, tax and bank card information, and provides payment capability in DoubleCloud.

Your billing account contains the following information tabs:

Each project in DoubleCloud has a single associated billing account.

Billing account validity period

Billing accounts don't expire.

A Billing account may be suspended in case of non-payment or if the trial period has ended without upgrading to paid usage.

Access to the Billing account

By default, only the project owner has access to the Billing account. The owner can grant access to the Billing account to other users on the project by assigning the billing role to them.

For more information on assigning user permissions, see Manage roles and users.

Billing account balance

You can see the balance indicator to the right of the project name in your DoubleCloud interface and in the Status card in the Overview tab of the Billing information page .

If your balance shows:

  • A negative number - this is the amount of money you owe at the current moment for services rendered.

  • A zero - this means that your account is going through the free Trial period. You'll also see the number of credits and the number of days remaining before the end of your free Trial period in the Status card on the Overview tab of your Billing page.

To get detailed information on your spending, see Monitor resource consumption.

Billing account statuses

A Billing account can have one of the following statuses:

Status Description
Trial active You are going through your free Trial period.
Trial expired Your free Trial period has expired. We're keeping all your resources and data intact. To continue using DoubleCloud, please upgrade to Paid usage.
Active You upgraded to Paid usage, and your account is working normally.
Payment required Your account has accumulated outstanding debt. Please pay it out shortly.
All your resources are still operational.
Suspended Your account is suspended. Please look at the status card for further details concerning the reason for suspension.
You can't use DoubleCloud services at this moment - all your resources were stopped. Please note - the service is still charging your account for keeping your data.
Please try to resolve the issue yourself or contact our technical support.

You can see the status card on your Billing information page on the right.