Trial period

The free Trial period is an introductory offer that's intended for testing and exploring the features of the DoubleCloud infrastructure.

Trial period recommendation

We recommend not to run production applications in DoubleCloud during the Trial period.


You're eligible for the free Trial period if you meet the following conditions:

  • You've never been a paying customer of DoubleCloud.
  • You haven't activated the free Trial period before.


We allocate $300 worth of credits to your Billing account at the beginning of the trial period.

This payment will expire after 30 days.

Technical support

We provide full technical support during your free Trial period.

Usage restrictions

You may not use DoubleCloud service to engage in cryptocurrency mining.

End of the Trial period

After the end of the trial period, all your resources are kept intact for 30 days, but your account gets suspended. To continue working with DoubleCloud, upgrade to the full version.