Pricing policy

In DoubleCloud, you can consume resources of both billable and non-billable services.

Non-billable services

The DoubleCloud Visualization and VPC services are free of charge. Backups for all services are also non-billable.

Billable services

The DoubleCloud Transfer, Managed Apache Kafka®, and Managed Service for ClickHouse® are billable services.

Fees for billable services

Fees for billable services are calculated based on the resources consumed and usage time. Each service implements its own calculation logic.

How billing for a stopped cluster works

When your cluster is Stopped, you don't pay for its CPU and RAM, but you're still billed for SSD Storage.

For more information on prices and pricing rules in DoubleCloud, see the Pricing page of our website.


The resources deployed in external networks have custom pricing. The billable consumption depends on the external network parameters.