Billing cycle

The following diagram shows the DoubleCloud billing cycle:


Let's describe the billing cycle in more detail:

  1. You upgrade to paid usage before the end of your free Trial period.

    Availability of initial credits after upgrading to paid usage

    Accessibility of the initial credits deposited to your Billing account depends on the time you upgrade to paid usage:

    • If you upgrade after your free Trial period expires, all your initial credits expire with it - you can not use the expired credits to pay for DoubleCloud services.

    • If you upgrade before your free Trial period expires, the remaining amount of initial credits stays intact on your Billing account - you can use the remaining initial credits to pay for DoubleCloud services.

  2. You consume the billable DoubleCloud resources. Your amount due increases as resources are consumed.

  3. The amount of credits and their validity is checked throughout the reporting period.

    • If you have credits available (you have more than zero credits, and they haven't expired), the costs for billable resources will be calculated by the following formula:

      Costs = Consumption - Credits
    • If you have no more credits left or they have expired, all the resources consumed are added directly to your costs.

  4. When the reporting period ends, the system will calculate the total amount due, create an invoice and submit a charge to the bank card set as your payment method.

    Reporting period end date

    The reporting period ends on the first day of the month UTC.

  5. The system verifies the payment for the resources consumed:

    • If the funds are successfully debited from the bank card within one day after the end of the reporting period, DoubleCloud prolongs access to your resources until the end of the following reporting period.

    • If the system failed to debit the funds from the bank card, try to resolve the issue with your payment method. DoubleCloud will attempt to debit the funds later the same day or the following day.

  6. If the system still fails to process the payment, your account will be suspended:

    • DoubleCloud will stop all your resources, both billable and non-billable.

    • You won't be able to read or download any data from your DoubleCloud resources.

    • During the suspension period, DoubleCloud will still charge you for data storage services, in addition to the late payment fee.

  7. DoubleCloud will attempt to process the payment of the entire outstanding amount during the entire 60-day suspension period.

    • If the system successfully processes the payment for the total amount due before the end of this period, DoubleCloud will restore full access to your resources within 24 hours after receipt of the funds.

    • Otherwise, all your data, including your all your billable, non-billable resources and billing information, will be permanently deleted.