Invoice is a payment and tax document issued by DoubleCloud for the services provided to the client.

Invoice statuses

An invoice may have one of the following statuses:

Status Description
Issued The invoice is available for payment, you have time before the payment deadline.
Paid The invoice is paid in full and on time.
Failed The payment for this invoice failed. Contact your bank or payment provider.

Invoice structure

DoubleCloud Billing automatically generates your invoice which contains aggregate data for all services.

Each invoice contains the following set of details:

Field name Description
Invoice No. Unique invoice ID
Date of issue Issue date of the invoice
Date due The payment deadline
Bill to Your Billing account's registered address
Description Detailed information about the services rendered
Qty The quantity of units used
Unit price The price for a single unit
Amount Total amount of services rendered, in your Billing account currency, without taxes and fees
Total Total amount of all lines of the payment invoice without taxes and fees in your billing account currency

Invoice issue

An invoice is automatically issued at the end of the reporting period for the amount of resources actually consumed.

It becomes available in the Invoices tab of your Billing information page . You'll receive a PDF copy of the invoice to the email address registered in your DoubleCloud account.

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