Generate Visualization AI-Insights

Public Preview notice

This feature is provided as Public Preview and is free of charge.

After the end of the Public Preview period, the functionality and pricing of this feature will be subject to change.

The DoubleCloud Visualization AI-Insights feature allows you to analyze your data and compose insights offering a fresh view and even a breakthrough. This feature incorporates ChatGPT from OpenAI to process and analyze the data in your chart.

Such capability is useful when you need to make more sense of the data and find patterns making it easier to identify trends and insights. This feature can also help communicate your findings to stakeholders, especially if they're less technically minded.

To generate AI-Insights, you need to do the following:

Allow AI-Insights access to your chart

  1. Open the Visualization page in the console.

  2. Open the workbook containing the chart for which you want to generate insights.

  3. Open the chart in question.

  4. In the upper-right corner of the page, toggle the AI-Insights switch. You'll see the Data access warning dialog.

  5. Read and understand the warning, and click Accept.

    AI Terms and conditions

    If you want to learn more about the AI regulations in DoubleCloud, see the AI Terms and Conditions in our legal documentation.

  6. To save the setting for AI access to this chart, click Save in the upper-right corner of the page.

    Now you can generate insights from the chart wizard and all the dashboards containing this chart - you'll see the icon in the top right corner of the chart frame:


Generate the insights

  1. In the top right corner of the chart, click the icon:


    You'll see the insight generation dialog:


  2. Under Select language, choose the language of the insights for the chart. We support the following languages:

    • English (EN)
    • Spanish (ES)
    • French (FR)
    • Hindi (HI)
    • Portuguese (PT)
    • Russian (RU)
    • German (DE)
  3. Click Generate.

    Please wait for the generation process to complete. Depending on the chart, it can take from several seconds up to a few minutes.

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