Dataset settings

Dataset settings determine the way you can connect one or more tables and apply default filters to new charts.

Connect one or more tables

If a source contains more than one table, you can connect them using a JOIN operator. To do this, create a connection and define the fields of the source table, and the fields of the table you connect to.

You can apply the following JOIN operators to your connection:

A dataset operates in the direct access mode, with all data requests processed on the side of the source.

Default filters for new charts

Datasets allow you to create default filters for new charts. They will be applied to all new charts created from this dataset.

Use default filters to:

  • Limit the amount of data queried from the source when creating a chart
  • Avoid filter duplication for new charts from the same dataset.


  • You can create a filter from a separate chart in chart settings. This separate filter will override the existing default filter(s).
  • Default filters aren't applied to the data in the preview section.

SQL queries in datasets

You can define a dataset data source using ad-hoc SQL queries over database connections.

When a data source is accessed, a query code executes as a subquery. For more information about using SQL queries in a dataset, see Describing a dataset via a source SQL query.

You can enable or disable the use of subqueries as a source when creating or editing a connection.

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