Parameters in Visualization

Parameters in DoubleCloud Visualization are variables that can substitute constant values in calculated fields. You can apply parameters to charts and datasets.


If you want to use parameters to change visualization in a single chart, see Manage parameters in charts.

If you want to apply your parameter to all the charts created from a dataset, see Manage parameters in datasets.

You can edit parameter values on dashboards using selectors with manual input with the following limitations:

  • You can't use the Multiple choice option.

  • You can't change an operation in a selector (leave a dash in the selection field from the Operation drop-down list).

You can also specify parameter values in links to your charts.

To do this, add ? at the end of a URL, write a parameter name with no spaces after the URL, put = and specify a parameter value. You can list multiple parameters in a URL using & as a separator. For example:


Parameter naming limitations

When using parameters, keep in mind the following naming restrictions:

  • A parameter name may contain lowercase Latin letters, numbers, hyphens -, and underscores _.

  • The name can't be longer than 36 characters.

  • Parameter name can't start with an underscore: _name.

  • You can't use the following reserved parameter names:

    • tab
    • state
    • mode
    • focus
    • grid
    • tz
    • from
    • to
  • Parameter names can't duplicate dataset field names.