Service overview

DoubleCloud Visualization is a business analytics service. It allows you to visualize data from different sources, build dashboards, and review your data.

Use Visualization to monitor your data metrics directly and make data-driven decisions.

Relationship between entities within the service

Visualization consists of a number of entities which provide you with a comprehensive toolset for representing your data in graphical form.


Visualization consists of the following entities:

  • Workbook: A container that stores the whole data processing toolkit.
  • Connection: A set of parameters to access a data source.
  • Dataset: A tool that connects to a data source, organizes its data into fields, applies aggregation functions to them, and creates default filters for new charts.
  • Chart: Visualized data from a data source or a dataset (charts, tables, maps ans indicators) and data filtering tools (selectors).
  • Dashboard: A page with a set of tabs that contain charts.