Create a connection to Snowflake

To connect your Visualization service to Snowflake:

  1. Open the Visualization page in the console.

  2. Select your workbook or click Create workbook to make a new one.

  3. Click CreateConnection in the upper-right corner of your workbook page.

  4. Select Snowflake. You'll see the following page:


  5. Under Authentication:

    First connection OAuth setup

    If you're setting up your first Snowflake connection to DoubleCloud Visualization, set up OAuth integration before proceeding.

    1. In the OAuth integration field, specify an integration object name and click Get snippet.

    2. Create an integration: in the Snowflake environment, paste the acquired snippet. The snippet's code must be executed by a user with appropriate permissions. Your query will return the values to provide to Visualization.

    3. Fill out the parameters received from Snowflake:

    4. To the right of the Refresh-token field, click Get token. In the new tab, confirm access. Make sure you used the credentials of a Snowflake user with limited access. For more information on access control, see the Snowflake documentation .

  6. Under Database details:

    1. Specify the User name to which you confirmed access previously.

    2. Enter the Database name you want to connect.

    3. Specify the Database schema.

    4. Enter the name of the data Warehouse. For more information on warehouses, see the Snowflake documentation .

    5. Provide the User role that has permissions to access the above database.

  7. Click Check connection:

    • If your connection is operational, you'll see a green icon.

    • If there is a problem, a red icon will appear. You'll also see a popup message with a Details button to check service information about the error.

  8. Click Create connection.

  9. Name your connection and click Create.

The connection will appear on your workbook page under the Connections tab.

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