DB_CAST( expression, native_type [ , param_1 [ , param_2 ] ] )


Converts the expression expression to database's native type native_type.

The following type casts are supported:

Data source Data type Native data type Parameters for native type Comment
ClickHouse Fractional number Float32
ClickHouse Fractional number Float64
ClickHouse Fractional number Decimal Integer, Integer
ClickHouse Integer Int8
ClickHouse Integer Int16
ClickHouse Integer Int32
ClickHouse Integer Int64
ClickHouse Integer UInt8
ClickHouse Integer UInt16
ClickHouse Integer UInt32
ClickHouse Integer UInt64
ClickHouse String String
PostgreSQL Array of fractional numbers double precision[]
PostgreSQL Array of fractional numbers real[]
PostgreSQL Array of fractional numbers numeric[] Integer, Integer
PostgreSQL Array of integers smallint[]
PostgreSQL Array of integers integer[]
PostgreSQL Array of integers bigint[]
PostgreSQL Array of strings text[]
PostgreSQL Array of strings character varying[]
PostgreSQL Array of strings varchar[]
PostgreSQL Fractional number double precision
PostgreSQL Fractional number real
PostgreSQL Fractional number numeric Integer, Integer
PostgreSQL Integer smallint
PostgreSQL Integer integer
PostgreSQL Integer bigint
PostgreSQL String text
PostgreSQL String character Integer Alias: char
PostgreSQL String character varying Integer Alias: varchar
PostgreSQL String char Integer Alias for character
PostgreSQL String varchar Integer Alias for character varying

Argument types:

  • expressionArray of fractional numbers | Array of integers | Array of strings | Fractional number | Integer | String
  • native_typeString
  • param_1Any
  • param_2Any

Return type: Same type as (expression)


Only constant values are accepted for the arguments (native_type).


DB_CAST([float_value], "Decimal", 10, 5)
DB_CAST([float_value], "double precision")
DB_CAST([float_value], "numeric", 10, 5)

Data source support

ClickHouse 19.13, PostgreSQL 9.3.