Text markup functions

Markup functions are used for creating marked up text (hypertext) from string values and/or other marked up text.

Usage notes

There are the following features of using markup:

  1. These functions return NULL when any argument is NULL. To get a non-NULL value, wrap argumens in IFNULL(). Example: bold(ifnull([value], 'NULL')).
  2. Converting markup to a normal string is not currently possible.
  3. Markup functions can be used within logic functions. Example: IF(STARTSWITH([value], 'n'), BOLD([value]), MARKUP([value])).


Syntax:BOLD( text )

Stylizes the passed text in bold font.


Syntax:ITALIC( text )

Stylizes the passed text in cursive font.


Syntax:MARKUP( arg_1, arg_2, arg_3 [ , ... ] )

Merges marked up text pieces. Can also be used for converting strings to marked up text.


Syntax:URL( address, text )

Wraps text into a hyperlink to URL address.