Add a hierarchy to a chart

A hierarchy allows you to add additional structure to your data and increase informative contents of a visualization.


You can't add a hierarchy to the following chart types:

  • All map charts

  • Indicators

  • Tree charts

  • Pivot tables

To add a hierarchy to your chart:

  1. In the chart wizard, to the right of the Search field, click +Hierarchy.

  2. In the Hierarchy settings dialog window:


    1. Specify the name of your hierarchy in the text field under the dialog name.

    2. You'll see the available data fields on the left. To add them to your hierarchy, hover your cursor over a field and click Select.

      You can drag and drop fields in the Selected section to arrange them to your liking.

  3. Click Save. You'll see your new hierarchy in the data fields list:


  4. Drag your hierarchy to the appropriate section of your chart. In the preview section of the wizard, you'll see the hierarchy panel on top of your chart:


  5. In the top-right corner of your chart wizard, click Apply.


You can't apply more than one hierarchy to a chart.