Create a field from a data source

You can process columns from the source tables into dataset fields. Visualization uses these field values to build charts.

  1. Open the Visualization page in the console.

  2. Open the workbook and select the dataset in which you want to create a field from a data source.

    If you don't have a dataset yet, create a new one.

  3. On your dataset page, open the Fields tab.

  4. Click + Add field to create a new field, enter the Field name and click the Field from source tab.

  5. Select the Source table from the dropdown list.

  6. Select a Source field from the table.

  7. Specify the Field type according to its data type.

    For the complete list of data types, see Data types in Visualization

  8. Specify the Aggregation type to apply to a field value.

    For the list of all aggregation types, see Dataset data model - Aggregation.

  9. (Optional) Check the Don't display in wizard box if you want to hide the field by default.

  10. Click Create.

  11. Click Update fields to see the new field on the list in the wizard.

  12. Click Save in the upper-right corner of your dataset page.

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