Create an embedding entity


To complete these instructions, you must have Visualization access permissions.

An embedding entity describes the following:

  • The chart that needs to be embedded

  • Chart dependencies - (dataset and connection)

  • Parameters that can be changed in the URL without the need to sign the request again.

To create an embedding entity:

  1. Open the wizard for the chart you want to embed.

  2. On top of the page to the right of the breadcrumbs, click Embedding settings. You'll see the following window:

    Screenshot of the Embedding entities dialog

  3. Click + Create embed. You'll see the following dialog:

    Screenshot of the Create embed dialog

  4. In the Create embed dialog:

    1. Name your embedding entity.

    2. From the dropdown menu, select the embedding key with which you want to sign the requests to Visualization.

    3. Under Unsigned parameters, specify the unsigned parameters you want to apply to your chart. These chart parameters can be later on the client side without regenerating the embedding token.

    4. Review the Dependencies for the chart.

    5. Click Create. You'll see the Embed created window with the usage example:

      Screenshot of the Embed created dialog

  5. Copy the link example for future use and click Close.

  6. You'll see your embed ID on the list:

    Screenshot of the new embed ID in the table

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