Create a workbook

To create a workbook:

  1. Open the Visualization page in the console.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click CreateCreate workbook.

  3. Name your new workbook, provide its Description (optional) and click Create.

Use the WorkbookService create method and pass the following parameters:

  • project_id

    You can get this value on your project's information page.

  • workbook title - specify the title for your new workbook.


View this example on GitHub

from doublecloud.v1.operation_pb2 import Operation
from doublecloud.visualization.v1.workbook_service_pb2 import CreateWorkbookRequest

def create_workbook(svc, project_id: str, name: str) -> Operation:
   Function creates an empty workbook
   We will fill it with other functions
   return svc.Create(CreateWorkbookRequest(project_id=project_id, workbook_title=name))