Manage your Apache Airflow® cluster settings

  1. Go to the Clusters page.

  2. Find the Airflow® cluster you want to manage and click Edit.

  3. Under Basic settings:

    1. Enter the cluster Name, in this scenario - tutorial-cluster.

    2. From the Version drop-down list, select the ClickHouse® version the Managed ClickHouse® cluster will use. For most clusters, we recommend using the latest version.

    3. Specify the GitHub repository address with your worker node configuration scripts.

  4. Under Web server networking:

    1. Under NetworkingVPC, specify in which DoubleCloud VPC to locate your cluster. Use the default value in the previously selected region if you don't need to create this cluster in a specific network.

    2. (optional) Add IP addresses or CIDRs allowed to access your cluster to the allowlist.

  5. Under Advanced settings:

    1. Under Maintenance settings, select the scheduling type:

      • Arbitrary to delegate maintenance window selection to DoubleCloud. Usually, your cluster will perform maintenance procedure at the earliest available time slot.


        We suggest not to use this scheduling type with single-host clusters, as it can lead to your cluster becoming unavailable at random.

      • By schedule to set the weekday and time (UTC) when DoubleCloud may perform maintenance on your cluster.

    2. Specify or adjust your cluster's DBMS settings. For more information, see the Settings reference.