Connect Prometheus to your Managed ClickHouse® cluster

DoubleCloud Managed Service for ClickHouse® allows you to seamlessly integrate Prometheus to monitor ClickHouse® metrics and enable alerting. You'll only need to access the 9363 port of your cluster and to specify the /metrics endpoint in your Prometheus configuration file. This feature is enabled for all Managed ClickHouse® clusters by default.

This scenario illustrates how to scrape several metrics with a local Prometheus instance.

Endpoint format

The metrics endpoint is accessible as follows:


Export your ClickHouse® metrics

  1. Go to the Clusters overview page in the console.

  2. Select the cluster from which you want to export metrics.

  3. Open the Monitoring tab.

  4. In the upper-right corner, click .

  5. Follow the instructions in the dialog window:


  1. Get a list of hosts using the DoubleCloud API's ClusterService ListHosts method.

  2. Use the ClusterService Get method with the sensitive:true flag to get the required credentials. You'll see them under metrics_exporter_connection_info.

  3. Use the metrics management solution to visualize the exported metrics. For example, you may use curl to get the raw metrics data in your terminal:

    curl -u exporter:<password> <clickhouse_host_address>:9363/metrics