Create a Managed ClickHouse® cluster


    During the trial period, you can create clusters with up to 8 cores, 32 GB RAM, and 400 GB storage. If you need to raise the quotas, don't hesitate to contact our support.

    1. Go to the Clusters overview page.

    2. Click Create cluster in the upper-right corner of the page.

      1. Select ClickHouse®.

      2. Choose a provider and a region.

      3. Specify the resources settings:

        1. Under Resources:

          • Select a preset for CPU and RAM.

          • Specify your Storage capacity.


            After you have created a cluster, you can only increase the storage capacity. You can't decrease the storage capacity.

            When you increase your storage capacity, it's available for use immediately after you submit the new configuration. However, the whole process of modifying your storage volume may take from minutes to hours, depending on the volume increase applied. For example, a volume of 1 TB in size typically takes up to six hours to modify.


            After you increase your Storage capacity, please wait at least six hours per 1 TB to modify it again.

          • Choose a number of Replicas. Selecting two or three replicas will double or triple the number of hosts per shard, respectively.

          • Select a number of Shards.

            Have at least two shards on your cluster to use all the benefits of sharding.

            Using a distributed table and a single shard is equivalent to using replication with no sharding. It protects against data loss when one or more replica hosts fail but provides no distributed data storage and doesn't improve query performance.

      4. Under Basic settings:

        • Enter the cluster Name.

        • From the Version drop-down list, select the version of ClickHouse® that the Managed ClickHouse® cluster will use. For most clusters, we recommend using the latest version.

      5. Under NetworkingVPC, specify in which DoubleCloud VPC to locate your cluster. Use the default value in the previously selected region if you don't need to create this cluster in a specific network.

      6. Under Advanced settings:

        1. Enable the Data encryption (Note that it's enabled by default). We use the LUKS specification and KMS to encrypt data.

        2. Specify or adjust your cluster's DBMS settings. For more information, see the Settings reference.

      7. Click Submit.

    Your cluster will appear with the Creating status on the Clusters page in the console. Setting everything up may take some time. When the cluster is ready, it changes its state to Alive.


    The DoubleCloud service creates the superuser admin and its password automatically. You can find both the User and the Password in the Overview tab on the cluster information page.

    To create users for other roles, see Manage ClickHouse® users

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