Apache Kafka® cluster maintenance

Maintenance is a process that helps maintain the health and performance of your cluster.

Maintenance includes:

  • Automatic installation of software updates and revisions (including stopped clusters)

  • Security and compliance settings deployment and evaluation

  • Other maintenance activities.


Changing the cluster's software version isn't a part of the maintenance procedures.

Maintenance window

A maintenance window helps you track or set a schedule for the maintenance activities on your managed clusters.

You can configure the Maintenance window when creating your cluster or managing its settings.

Maintenance process

In Managed Service for Apache Kafka®, the maintenance procedure varies depending on the number of brokers on your cluster:

  • In single-host clusters, it's necessary to stop the single broker for maintenance, which results in your cluster becoming unavailable until the procedures are complete.

  • In multi-host clusters, brokers undergo maintenance consecutively. Each broker becomes unavailable for a short time needed to restart after completing the procedures.