MirrorMaker Apache Kafka® connector

This connector type replicates Apache Kafka® topics between clusters.

  1. Go to the Clusters page in the console.

  2. Select the Apache Kafka® cluster for which you want to create a connector.

  3. Open the Connectors tab and click Create.The Connector configuration page will open.

  4. Select MirrorMaker.

  5. Select one or more topics from which to export the data.

  6. Choose the Compression type:

    • none (default): No compression.
    • gzip: The gzip codec.
    • snappy: The snappy codec.
    • zstd: The zstd codec.
  7. Toggle the Source cluster and the Target cluster between which you want to transfer your Apache Kafka® messages.

  8. Under Basic parameters:

    1. Name your connector.

    2. Under Max tasks, specify the maximum number of tasks the connector will run in parallel.

  9. Under Source cluster, specify its Alias. Alias is an additional identifier for the cluster's topics. THis prevents mirroring loops and helps identify the topics in the logs.

    For example, a topic test from the cluster with the alias source-testing-cluster will get a new name of source-testing-cluster.test.

  10. Under Target cluster:

    1. Specify the target cluster's Alias.

    2. Provide the comma-separated list of servers used to bootstrap connections to Apache Kafka®.

    3. Provide the SASL username.

    4. Specify the SASL mechanism: PLAIN, SHA-256, SHA-512, OAUTHBEARER, or GSSAPI (default).

    5. Enter the name of the Security protocol.

    6. Provide the SSL TrustStore certificates in the PEM format.

  11. Click Submit.

Use the ConnectorService create method and pass the following parameters: