Connect Prometheus to Apache Kafka®

You can monitor your Managed Service for Apache Kafka® cluster metrics using third-party tools like Prometheus .

Consider using a dedicated connection to each of its hosts to connect external monitoring software to your Managed Service for Apache Kafka® cluster - this will ensure you don't get an influx of mixed data from every cluster host simultaneously.

Endpoint format

The metrics endpoint is accessible as follows:


Export your Apache Kafka® metrics

  1. Go to the Clusters page in the console.

  2. Select the cluster from which you want to export metrics.

  3. Open the Monitoring tab.

  4. In the upper-right corner, click .

  5. Follow the instructions in the dialog window:


  1. Get a list of hosts using the DoubleCloud API's ClusterService ListHosts method.

  2. Use the ClusterService Get method with the sensitive:true flag to get the required credentials. You'll see them under metrics_exporter_connection_info.

  3. Use the metrics management solution to visualize the exported metrics. For example, you may use curl to get the raw metrics data in your terminal:

    curl -u exporter:<password> <kafka_host_address>:9363/metrics

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