Manage an Apache Kafka® cluster

  1. Go to the Clusters page in the console.

  2. Select the cluster you want to manage.

  3. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the page and configure resources:

    1. Under Resources:

      • Select a preset for CPU and RAM.

        Understand your Apache Kafka® resource preset

        A resource preset has the following structure:

        <CPU platform> - C<number of CPU cores> - M<number of gigabytes of RAM>

        There are three available CPU platforms:

        • g - ARM Graviton

        • i - Intel (x86)

        • s - AMD (x86)

        For example, the i1-c2-m8 preset means that it's an Intel platform 2-core CPU with 8 gigabytes of RAM.

        You can see the availability of CPU platforms across our Managed Service for Apache Kafka® areas and regions.

      • Specify your SSD Storage capacity.

        When you increase your storage capacity, it's available for use immediately after you submit the new configuration. However, the whole process of modifying your storage volume may take from minutes to hours, depending on the volume increase applied. For example, a volume of 1 TB in size typically takes up to 6 hours to modify.


        After you increase your SSD Storage capacity, wait at least six hours per 1 TB to modify it again.

      • Select the Number of Zones. The number of zones is multiplied by the number of brokers and determines the number of hosts.

      • Specify the number of Brokers per zone.

  4. Under Basic settings:

    • Enter the cluster Name.

    • Select the version of Apache Kafka® for your cluster from the Version drop-down list. For most clusters, we recommend using the latest version.

  5. Under Advanced:

    • Under Maintenance settings, select between the arbitrary and scheduled maintenance:

      About maintenance settings

      If you select Arbitrary, DoubleCloud selects the maintenance window automatically. Usually, maintenance takes place at the earliest available time slot.


      If your cluster has only one host, arbitrary maintenance can make it unavailable at a random time.

      To perform maintenance on a specific date and time, select By schedule and specify the day and time (UTC) when you want the cluster maintenance to be performed.

    • Under Cluster settings, specify or adjust your cluster's DBMS settings. For more information, see the Settings reference.

  6. Click Submit.

To manage your Apache Kafka® cluster, use the ClusterService update method.

To change your cluster's DBMS settings, use the kafka_config parameter and specify the settings you want to update. For example:

"kafka_config": {
      "message_max_bytes": 1024,
      "replica_fetch_max_bytes": 1048

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