Configure your Apache Kafka® cluster maintenance

You can configure your cluster's maintenance window from a notification tile on your cluster's information page or by editing your cluster's settings.

Notification tile

The DoubleCloud service informs you of the pending maintenance with a CAUTION message on your cluster's information page:

Screenshot of a maintenance warning banner

This message contains the scheduled date and time (UTC) and the information on the procedures to be performed during maintenance.

  • To start the maintenance process at once, click Perform now.

  • To change the time and date of maintenance, click Reschedule. You'll see the following dialog:

    Screenshot of a dialog for rescheduling maintenance

    In the dialog window:

    1. Select from the pop-up or specify the appropriate date in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

    2. From the drop-down menu, select the maintenance window time.

    3. Click Save.

Cluster settings

  1. Go to the Clusters page in the console.

  2. Select the cluster you want to manage.

  3. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the page.

  4. Under Maintenance settings, select the scheduling type:

    • Arbitrary to delegate maintenance window selection to DoubleCloud. Usually, your cluster will perform maintenance procedure at the earliest available time slot.


      We suggest not to use this scheduling type with single-host clusters, as it can lead to your cluster becoming unavailable at random.

    • By schedule to set the weekday and time (UTC) when DoubleCloud may perform maintenance on your cluster.

  5. Click Submit.

Use the ClusterService RescheduleMaintenance method and pass the following parameters:

  • clusterid. This is the ID of the cluster for which you want to reschedule maintenance.

    To find the cluster ID, get a list of clusters in the project.

  • reschedule_type. This is the enum parameter defining the maintenance schedule type:

    • RESCHEDULE_TYPE_IMMEDIATE - perform the maintenance operations immediately.

    • RESCHEDULE_TYPE_NEXT_AVAILABLE_WINDOW - perform the maintenance operations during the closest available maintenance window.

    • RESCHEDULE_TYPE_SPECIFIC_TIME - set the specific time for the maintenance operations.

      To enable this option, you need to specify the delayed_until_time parameter as google.protobuf.timestamp .