Facebook Marketing connector


This connector is based on Airbyte .

You can use this connector for source endpoints.

Source endpoint

  1. Specify the Start date from which you want to replicate the data for all incremental streams.

    Note that you need to provide the date and time in the ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z.

  2. Provide your Account ID.

    Note that an Account ID is a 15-digit number. To find your Account ID:

    1. Go to Ads Manger and click Account Overview in the activity bar on the left.

    2. Find the name of your business account in the frame on the right. The Account ID number will be directly under the name.

  3. Define the End date from which you want to replicate the data for all incremental streams in the YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z format.


    If you don't specify the End date, the service will always sync the latest data.

  4. Provide the Access token:

    1. In your App dashboard, click Marketing APITools.

    2. Select all the available token permissions: ads_management, ads_read, read_insights, business_management.

    3. Click Get token.

    4. Copy and paste the token.

  5. Check the Include deleted box if you want to include the data from your deleted campaigns, ads, and AdSets.

  6. Check the Fetch Thumbnail Images box to fetch thumbnail URLs for each Ad Creative and store them in the thumbnail_data_url table.

To add Custom Insights:

1. Click **Custom Insights** → **Add Custom Insights**.

1. **Name** the insight value you want to replicate.

1. Select the **Field**, **Breakdown** and **Action breakdown** from the respective drop-down lists.

   For more information on selectable fields, see [Meta Marketing API Reference ![external link](../../_assets/external-link.svg)](https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/reference/).

Supported tables

The DoubleCloud endpoint supports replication of the following tables from Facebook:

For more information, see Facebook Insights API documentation .

For an example of this endpoint usage in a real scenario, see Marketing analytics end-to-end scenario.

To create a Facebook Marketing source endpoint with API, use the endpoint.airbyte.FacebookMarketingSource model.

Airbyte type Transfer type
integer int64
number double
time_without_timezone, time_with_timezone, string utf8
boolean boolean
date date
date-time datetime
timestamp, timestamp_with_timezone, timestamp_without_timezone timestamp
object, array, REST... any

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