Microsoft SQL Server connector


This connector is based on Airbyte .

You can use this connector for source endpoints.

Source endpoint

  1. Specify the address of the Host containing your database.

  2. Specify the database Port to connect to.

  3. Enter the name of the Database.

  4. Specify the Username of the existing database user with proper permissions.

  5. Enter the Password for the database user.

  6. Select a Replication method:

    • Standard

      This replication method requires no configuration on the Microsoft SQL Server side, so it's easier to utilize. In this case, DoubleCloud doesn't track INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations performed in the database. You need to specify cursor columns manually when you create a transfer.

    • CDC

      This replication method requires that you enable and configure Change Data Capture (CDC) on the Microsoft SQL Server side. After that, you can transfer CDC tables effortlessly and perform incremental sync.

  7. Select an SSL method of encryption:

    • UNENCRYPTED doesn't apply any encryption.

    • ENCRYPTED (trust cert) checks if a certificate exists and after that allows access.

    • ENCRYPTED (verify cert) checks if a certificate exists and validates the host name.

      When selecting this method, go to the Encrypted (verify cert)Host Name In Certificate box and enter the host name in the database. The Transfer will compare it with the name in the certificate and allow the transfer if the comparison is successful. Note that this method requires that you configure the certificate on the source database side.

To create a Microsoft SQL Server source endpoint with API, use the endpoint.airbyte.MSSQLSource model.

Airbyte type Transfer type
integer int64
number double
time_without_timezone, time_with_timezone, string utf8
boolean boolean
date date
date-time datetime
timestamp, timestamp_with_timezone, timestamp_without_timezone timestamp
object, array, REST... any

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