Connect Prometheus to Transfer

You can monitor your Transfer metrics using third-party tools like Prometheus .

Endpoint format

The metrics endpoint has the following format:<your_transfer_id>

Export Transfer metrics

  1. Go to the Transfer page in the console.

  2. Select the transfer you want to export metrics from.

  3. Switch to the Monitoring tab.

  4. At the top right, click .

  5. Follow the instructions in the dialog:


  1. Get a list of hosts using TransferService List method in the DoubleCloud API.

  2. To get credentials, use the TransferService Get method with the sensitive:true flag. You can find the credentials under metrics_exporter_connection_info.

You can use the following scrape_config section for your Prometheus configuration:

- job_name: transfer
   honor_timestamps: true
   scrape_interval: 15s
   scrape_timeout: 10s
   metrics_path: /metrics/transfer-id
   username: 'exporter'
   password: '<your-endpoint-password>'
   scheme: https
   - targets:
      - ""

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