Manage Target Endpoints

Create a target endpoint


The Transfer service uses open-source Airbyte connectors to migrate data to most targets. Exceptions are the following: ClickHouse®, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB. We use our own connectors for these endpoints.

  1. Go to the Transfer service page .

  2. Select Endpoints tab, click Create endpoint, and select Target.

  3. Select the Target type you want to transfer the data from.

  4. Under Basic settings:

    • Enter the Name of the endpoint.
    • (optional) Enter the Description of the endpoint.
  5. Specify endpoint parameters under Endpoint settings:

  6. Click Submit.


If you are going to transfer data from a database located in an AWS network, see How to connect DoubleCloud resources with resources in AWS VPC to prepare for a successful transfer.

Update the target endpoint

  1. In the list of services, select Transfer.

  2. Open the Endpoints tab.

  3. Select the endpoint to update.

  4. Click Edit at the top-right of the page.

  5. Edit the Basic parameters and the Endpoint parameters. You can't change the Source type at this point.

  6. Click Submit.

Delete the target endpoint


Before you delete an endpoint, delete all the transfers in which it's included.

To delete an endpoint:

  1. In the list of services, select Transfer and open the Endpoints tab.

  2. Select the endpoint to delete.

  3. At the top-right of the page, click Delete.

  4. In the opened window, confirm your action and click Delete.