Frequently asked question about DoubleCloud Transfer


Is there a list of allowed IP addresses for Transfer?

DoubleCloud Transfer can access the Internet through the address range described with the following CIDR:


Transfer uses the following static IPv4 addresses:

Why is my transfer taking this long to start?

Each transfer uses its own compute instance. When a transfer is launched, it first allocates resources for the instance, which takes some time. After the resources are ready, it starts transferring the data.

Depending on a connector type, Transfer may extract a schema which may also take some time.

Does Transfer support encryption?

If a DoubleCloud cluster (source or target) has encryption enabled, Transfer will support this encryption.

Can I transfer empty tables in Transfer?

Transfer doesn't support transfer of empty tables or other empty entities.

There's an exception — in homogeneous transfers, you can copy metadata separately. In this case, empty tables and other entities (views, triggers, etc.) will be transferred.

Do you support changing the schema after activating a transfer?

You can't change the schema after activating a transfer.

To apply an updated schema:

  1. Open the Transfer page in the console.

  2. Find the transfer whose schema you want to update and click Deactivate.

  3. Update the schema at your endpoint.

  4. Restart the transfer by clicking Activate.