Peer connections between VPC and another network

DoubleCloud VPC allows you to create peering connections between your own VPC and another managed network.

You can see a list of your networks in the management console if you open the VPC service on the Connections tab. Each connection on this tab has the following properties:

  • Network status

  • Creation date and time

  • Your network being connected

  • Information about the peered network:

    • Provider

    • IPv4 CIDR

    • IPv6 CIDR

    • Provider network ID

    • Provider Region

    • Provider Account

  • Managed IPv4 CIDR

  • Managed IPv6 CIDR

  • Peering Connection ID


When you connect to a cluster via a peering connection from VPC, you need to use a private address instead of the normally used public address.

To obtain a cluster's private connection string, go to the cluster overview page. Under Connection strings, switch to the Private tab:

Screenshot of the ClickHouse® cluster private connection strings

You can also connect to a certain host on your cluster. The structures of a cluster and a host connection string differ as follows:

  • Public address:

    rw.<cluster id>
    # or 
    <host name>.<cluster id>
  • Private address:

    rw.<cluster id>
    # or 
    <host name>.<cluster id>

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