Internal networks in DoubleCloud

Networks in DoubleCloud can be internal, as described here, or external.


Internal networks in DoubleCloud are used to transmit information between cloud resources, such as clusters, and connect them to the internet via peering connections. Networks belong to certain regions that you can select when creating a cluster.

Each network has its own CIDR blocks for both IPv4 and IPv6. You can find these addresses on the VPC overview page in the DoubleCloud console.

Internal networks are managed by DoubleCloud. The service automatically creates such networks when you select a region for a cluster without a network. After that, you can select a network in the required region when you create a cluster or use the dedicated in Transfer.

Internal networks in DoubleCloud don't require you to configure any of the network elements. This network type provides the most seamless and straightforward way to deploy DoubleCloud resources.


Pricing for the resources in internal networks is available at the DoubleCloud pricing page .

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