Create a peering connection to AWS

To create a peering connection to AWS, you need to perform the following steps:

Bind your AWS and DoubleCloud networks

  1. Go to the Connections tab on the VPC page in the console.

  2. Specify the AWS account ID you want to connect to. You can find this numeric ID in the AWS console in the drop-down menu with your account information on the top panel on the right:


  3. Specify the AWS VPC ID. In the AWS console, find your default VPC and copy its ID. It has the following format: vpc-xxxxxx.

  4. Provide your AWS IPv4 CIDR. You can find it on the right from the VPC ID in the AWS console.

  5. Select your VPC Region.

  6. From the drop-down menu, select your DoubleCloud Network to peer with.


  7. Click Submit.

After you have created a connection, enable it on the AWS side. Note that it will take some time before the request appears on the AWS side.

Confirm peering on the AWS side

  1. Go to the AWS VPC service page .

  2. Go to the Virtual private cloudPeering connections section in the menu on the left:


  3. Click your VPC Peering connection ID and choose ActionsAccept Request.

  4. In the confirmation dialog, choose Accept request.

At this point, you have successfully peered your AWS and DoubleCloud networks. Now it's time to add a route to the peered VPC.

Configure a route table

Route tables contain the rules called routes that define where to direct your network traffic.

We will use the default route table and add a route to the DoubleCloud VPC.

  1. Go to the AWS VPC service page .

  2. Open the Virtual private cloudRoute Tables section from the menu on the left:


  3. Select a route table associated with the subnet you want to access clusters from.

  4. In the Routes tab, click Edit routes.

  5. Click Add route and specify its properties:

    • Destination to your DoubleCloud connection as a Managed IPv4 address in the CIDR notation:


    • Target is the ID of a peering connection in DoubleCloud. Click on this field, select Peering connection and then select your connection ID.

  6. Click Save changes.

Add the AWS VPC CIDR to your cluster's allowlist

  1. Go to the Clusters page in console.

  2. Select your cluster.

  3. Click the Allowlist tab.

  4. Enter the CIDR of your AWS network from the Connections page in the DoubleCloud console:


  5. Click Add.

Now you have fully connected your AWS and DoubleCloud networks.

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