Create a peering connection to Google Cloud

To create a peering connection to Google Cloud, you need to perform the following steps:

Bind your Google Cloud and DoubleCloud networks

  1. Go to the Connections tab on the VPC page in the console.

  2. Click Create Connection and select Google cloud.

  3. Specify the Peering name. For example, google-cloud-peering-test.

  4. Under Peer Project ID, paste the name of the Google Cloud project containing the network you want to peer.

  5. Under Peer network name, provide the name of the Google Cloud network to peer.

    Network intersection warning

    Make sure that address space of your Google Cloud network isn't already used to peer with the current DoubleCloud project.

    If the above is the case, create a new Google Cloud network , and peer with it.

  6. From the dropdown menu under Network, select the DoubleCloud network to which you want to create a connection.

  7. Click Create. You'll see the instructions to configure the connection on the Google CLoud side. Keep it on the screen.

Inspect the Google Cloud console

  1. Open the Google Cloud console in a new tab.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select your Google Cloud project.

  3. Click VPC network.

  4. From the list of items on the left, select VPC network peering.

  5. Click Create connectionContinue.

  6. Follow the instructions from the What's next dialog in the DoubleCloud console.

  7. Wait until your peering connection's status changes to Active.

Add the Google Cloud VPC CIDRs to your cluster's allowlist

  1. Go to the Clusters page in console.

  2. Select your cluster.

  3. Click the Allowlist tab.

  4. Enter your Google Cloud subnetwork's CIDR from the Peering connection details page. You'll find it under Imported routes, in the Destination IP ranges column:


  5. Click Add.

Now you have fully connected your Google Cloud and DoubleCloud networks.